• Cost of Future Care and Valuable Services  The Cost of Care and Valuable Services would be the preferred service for the more seriously or the catastrophically injured client, (such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, etc.) as this report provides a comprehensive view of all future treatment and supplies costs for these individuals such as:

  1. Projected Evaluations
  2. Projected Therapeutic Modalities
  3. Diagnostic Testing / Educational Assessment
  4. Wheelchair Needs
  5. Wheelchair Accessories and Maintenance
  6. Aids for Independent Function
  7. Orthopaedic Equipment Needs
  8. Orthotics and Prosthetics
  9. Home Furnishing and Accessories
  10. Drugs and Supply Needs
  11. Home Care / Facility care Costs
  12. Transportation
  13. Architectural Renovations
  14. Vocational / Educational Planning
  15. Household Services
  16. Recreational and Leisure Time Activities

  • In Home Functional Assessment (Covering Nova Scotia)

  • In Home Functional Assessment  combined with Replacement Cost of Housekeeping Services (Covering Nova Scotia)  (This report is focused on the comparison of client's present functioning and the impact on housekeeping services. This type of report would suffice when the only consideration is that of loss of housekeeping capacity.)

  • Functional Assessment / Transferable Skills Analysis Critique Report  (This report is focused on the comparison of client's present functioning and the results of a Transferable Skills Analysis Report in cases where there is an "Any occupation" claim denial)

  • Monthly Client Follow Up and Report  (This service assists personal injury lawyers by providing follow up contact with your clients monthly with a progress report, detailing their residual issues and symptoms with a monthly comparison to assist you in tracking your clients)

  • Case Consultations